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    Natural Male Tilapia - YY technology
    All Male Tilapia without the use of hormones

     Sales flyer 19-07-2013


  • All Male Tilapia - without hormones: 
    • Masculinization with YY-technology: works always (>96% male)!
    • Easy to use: only stock your broodstock as usually
    • No risks of hormones in consumption fish
    • No daily contact with hormones (feeding)
    • No environmental harm
    • No ecological impact (masculinization of females --> escapees --> production of ONLY females in the natural environment)
    • No decrease in fish resistance (weaker defence system of the skin: parasites!) caused by the use of testosterone (Harris and Bird, 2000)
  • Special Natural Male Tilapia producing broodstock for the Tilapia industry
  • NMT fry and fingerlings; Red and Wildtype. Red NMT performs also very well in seawater! See our report.
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Tilapia hatchery-Nursery management, design and construction

See our (old) hatchery working: