…….……………………Being in no time a specialist

With your remote business partner!


WHY your own remote business partner


Get Better

*   Check business plan and production strategy

*   Coaching during start-up the hatchery

*   Coaching during starting up production facility


Annual Affairs

*   Production target and schedule

*   Budgeting

*   Suppliers and purchasing strategy

*   Research, improvement and optimization

*   Genetic program

*  Maintenance and replacement


Monthly Affairs

*   Planning productions, deployment & harvest

*  Technical operating results

*   Registrations and evaluation results

*   Animal health research


– Trouble Shooting

*  Guidance on operational questions

*   Emergency assistance

*   Evaluation of abnormal fishing behavior

*   Water quality corrective measures

*   Helpline deviating situations technology and environment

OUR Specialists

Eric Bink MSc Aquatic Ecology

*   Hatchery design, Hatchery management, Genetics

*   Aquatic Ecology

Frans Aartsen MSc Aquaculture

*   Farm design and set-up – all types

*   Infrastructure advice and site studies

*  Performance analyses

*  Business planning and analyses

*  Feed and feed formulation

*  Market studies and quality standards (ISO, GlobalGab, ASC)

*  Supply chain management

Hanneke van den Dop – Veterinarian

*   Tilapia diseases

*   Fish welfare

*   Bio-security

*   Health certificate preparation (Dutch government)


Jeroen Schuphof  – MSc Aquaculture

*   Hatchery design, set-up and management

*   Performance analyses – improvement plans

*   Breeding programs for genetic improvement

*   Hatchery support and interim management

How TEC can be of benefit for your company?

*   You want to grow your business quickly and you are looking for additional expertise

*   You are experiencing persistent problems and you need help

*   You are looking for independent advice

What brings an experienced partner?

*   It is not easy to find a collaborator with years of experience in modern tilapia farming

*  TEC offers quick, flexible and easy deployment of experienced specialists

*  A team of specialists from different disciplines

*   Interactive sessions

A Remote Partner?

*   The partner works online

*   It is location independent

*   Costs are significantly reduced – No traveling, No housing

How it works?

*   You explain us your needs

*  We make, together with you, a work plan

What do you need?

*   A reliable internet connection

*   We prefer MS Teams but other another app can be discussed

*   You speak English or French



OUR Targets

*   Tilapia farms from medium size (> 50 MT)

*   Investors

*   Government agencies

*   Institutes

*   Projects


OUR Packages

Partnering with 1 company:

Training sessions (Basic + Advanced)

– Hatchery management

– Hatchery Training

– Genetics – Tilapia Improvement Program

– Bio-Security + disease management training

– Bio-Security

– Farm training


On-Growing (RAS, CAGES, PONDS)

Long Term support (Weekly/Biweekly/Other)

– Farm management

– 3 Months

– Disease management

– 6 Months


– 12 Months


Email: tilapiaexpertcenter@til-aqua.com