Til-Aqua International brings their YY-Technology to Tanzania

BigFish, a Tilapia Top Breeding Center in Tanzania near Dar es Salaam, is a highly qualified hatchery and leading supplier of all male Nile Tilapia. Their YY technology, a unique reproduction process, has been made available for large-scale application in the tilapia sector.   

The most important product category of BigFish is YY-broodstock of tilapia. From a bio-secure location in Kigamboni, Tanzania, a dedicated team of professionals pack and ship fry or broodstock to farmers and large hatcheries so that they can benefit of an all-male tilapia population in their production without the use of hormones.

The Natural Male Tilapia (NMT – XY) offspring, produced with YY-broodstock, will grow substantial faster (+15%) than a hormone treated sex reversed batch and faster (+30%) than a mixed sex batch of tilapia. This NMT offspring has substantial higher survival (90-95%) compared to the regular hormone treated fry on the market due to a stronger immune system. For local farmers without an own hatchery, BigFish offers the required amount of NMT fry.

BigFish Tilapia Top Breeding Center has a hatchery with a capacity of annual 5-10 mln NMT fry/year for ongrowing and quasy unlimited production of YY male parent stock.  Clients of this Top Breeding Center will mainly be found in Africa, but extension over time is possible.

Press Release Tilapia Top Breeding Center Tanzania.