Til-Aqua International changed policy

Like many other companies, the Coronavirus has confronted us with transportation issues – limited flights and closed borders.
The import restrictions imposed by some countries related to the Tilapia Lake virus had already severely limited our current activities.

But we are also convinced that genetic selection should not take place in one central place, but can be selected much better under local conditions.

As a result, we decided to make a drastic change in order not to lose 25 years of genetic effort: we sold our genetics to interested parties. We believe that transferring our YY technology to countries for regional YY production is the best option.

These parties own grandparent stock (YY-males and YY-females) and have received extensive information on how to maintain and further optimize these lines through genetic selection.
These companies continue to upgrade the YY genetics by selecting under local conditions!

From August 1st 2021 we have closed down genetic center in The Netherlands.

See for available YY-Genetic centers here.


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