To supply the Tilapia industry sustainable, well performing All Male Tilapia seed without the use of hormones in the production process.
To supply the Tilapia farmer with ALL instruments needed for a well performing hatchery and nursery: design, systems, training, veterinary services, consultancy and support.

Since 1996 we have gained vast experience in tilapia breeding. We defined protocols to produce all-male fry in the most efficient way for the Tilapia industry. Extensive breeding programs resulted in excellent performing all-male Tilapia producing Broodstock. In The Netherlands we specialize in working with Recirculation Technology for Aquaculture. Based on this technology, we have combined our experience and our knowledge of low budget solutions  to come up with a complete prefab Hatchery and Nursery Kit. Very easy to assemble with clear instructions; distant as well as local support. All is covered in our intensive training programs to bring you at the same level as we are now……. But only in a few weeks’ time!


The sustainable way of Tilapia production

Til-Aqua does not use any hormone in their production process. Only temperature change in the first days after hatching is used to change sex from male to female.

The end product of the YY-technology is a complete normal male with normal XY-chromosomes. This is in contrast with hormone sex-reversed Tilapia where 50% of the phenotypically males is still genetically female with XX-chromosomes.

In 2000, when the Til-Aqua YY line was obtained, manual selection for 100% male offspring was initiated. Each and every male and female from the YY line were crossed with respectively an XX-female or an XY-male. Only those fish that produced 100% male offspring in these crosses were kept for the Til-Aqua genetics program. This selection resulted in today’s male ratio: > 99%.

Since 2016 Til-Aqua International is testing the performance of Natural Male Tilapia offspring that is originating from breeding Til-Aqua YY males with other commercially available female lines. This has given excellent results:

Til-Aqua NMT…………99% ♂ – Uniform and excellent growth

Egyptian NMT………..97% ♂ – Uniform growth

Phillipine NMT……….96% ♂ – Excellent growth

Kenian NMT…………..96% ♂ – Performing well in cold conditions

GIFT NMT……………….98% ♂ – Excellent growth  



Our team consists of well trained biologists and aquaculturists with hands-on field-experiences. See us working (company video).

Hatchery design and Systems

Til-Aqua developed a workflow from spawning until harvest. For each fase of the production process we developed a dedicated system.


Til-Aqua is involved in many Tilapia Hatchery, Nursery and on-growing projects; turn-key and/or under management contract, supplier of broodstock, NMT seed:

Mali, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenia, RD Congo, Rwanda, Morocco, Dubai, USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, etc.