The sustainable way of tilapia production

Mass production of YY-males and NMT™ production

Til-Aqua does not use any hormone in their production process. Only temperature change in the first days after hatching is used to change sex from male to female.

The end product of the YY-technology is a complete normal male with normal XY-chromosomes. (This is in contrast with hormone sex-reversed Tilapia where 50% of the phenotypically males is still genetically female with XX-chromosomes.)

The production of the YY-males

The YY production process at Til-aqua

Once we have developed the YY-male it is easy to produce also a YY-female. With these YY-parent stock mass production of YY is possible. These YY-males are sold as set with our special strains of mixed sex for the normal (XX) females or as YY-male solo to use with your own female line! Our YY-line and mixed sex lines are from complete different origin.  Crossing these lines causes heterosis effect or hybrid-vigor: the result is NMT a strong, resistant and well performing all male Tilapia.