By air Til-Aqua send only swim-up fry. in our boxes, 60x40x35cm (freight weigth 14 Kg); in one box we pack 8,000 swim-up NMT. In Europe, within a radius of 750 Km, we can ship bigger fry (4 weeks old) by van. Broodstock (0.2 gram 3-4 weeks old) we can pack about 50 sets in one box: 50 YY-males in one bag and about 350 mixed sex in another bag. After a few months you have to sex this mixed sex for the females. We try to book only direct flights from Amsterdam to final destination. 


YES you can can! We have seen excellent results with females of strains of different origin. Also females from popular strains like GIFT give excellent results.

  • Til-Aqua NMT        – 99% ♂ – good growth – uniform
  • Egyptian NMT       – 97% ♂ – Very uniform growth
  • Phillipine NMT      – 96% ♂ – very fast growth
  • Kenian NMT          – 96% ♂ – performing well in cold conditions
  • GIFT NMT               – 98% ♂ – good performance