Our team consists of well trained biologists and aquaculturists with hands-on field-experiences. See us working (company video).

The most important department of Til-Aqua International is the Research and Development Center.  Til-Aqua is continuously looking into improvements of their products through their breeding program. Also the high male ratio (actually between >99% (Silver NMTTM) and >96% (Red NMTTM)) is a continuously concern. All YY-males AND YY-females are individually tested; we introduced artificial reproduction for better selection; etc. To develop and maintain our highly valuable strains we need well trained researchers and technicians.

Our team consists of ecologists (University of Utrecht) , Aquaculturists (University of Wageningen and Stirling), Veterinarian/fish pathologists (University of Utrecht) and technicians from higher aquacultural schools. Also Til-Aqua cooperate with Universities from all over the world. Student are welcome at the facilities to do their Master. Recently Til-Aqua housed students from Madagascar, France, Belgium, UK….. Also cooperation with institutes and (feed-)companies guarantees our high standard of work.

See us working (old hatchery):