MKA-SPF-Hatchery is a well-known producer and distributor of Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) shrimp broodstock in Bangladesh (originating from Moana Technologies LLC in Hawaii).

In Bangladesh the tilapia farmers – with full support of the government – want to distance themselves from the application of hormones to change their fish’ sex.

Therefore MKA-SPF-Hatchery decided to contact Til-Aqua International to adopt and introduce the YY Technology in its country. By becoming a ‘Til-Aqua International Multiplication Center’ the company will be enabled to multiply and distribute Til-Aqua International YY Males. YY males are the most sustainable way for all-male tilapia production. Start of this promising project will be 3rd of  January 2020, during the meeting at Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI) in Mymensingh.

Til-Aqua International is very much looking forward to cooperate with Mr. Nizam Ahmad and Mr. Ahsanul Alam!