Til-Aqua and Kohala Mountain Fish join forces

Til-Aqua International and Kohala Mountain Fish Company (KMFC) LLC have signed an agreement for KMFC to become a so-called ‘YY Multiplication Center’. Til-Aqua USA will be able to produce YY Males on the Big Island of Hawaii for distribution to the USA and Pacific Rim.

KMFC has already been producing tilapia for several years with a sustainable intent, which is further strengthened by adopting the YY Technology. The crystal clear Mountain Spring water that emanates from aquifers deep within the mountains which guarantees no human interference nor any disease pressure.
This means a 100% safe environment for the supplied Til-Aqua International broodstock that will produce YY Males – which are the only sustainable solution for all-male tilapia production.

The thousands of disease-free fish left the Til-Aqua facilities in 28 boxes on December 4th 2019 and arrived excellent at Kona Island. This was just before December 18th when a Federal Order came into force, closing the USA border for tilapia.

Til-Aqua International is much looking forward to work with the team of John Oliva, the general manager of the company!