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Q34 What positive (good things) and constructive (things to improve) feedback do you have for Staff members of TilAqua?

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1. You were very friendly and informative and I got some new ideas to improve my research unit after seeing your RAS systems.

2. Staff members of TilAqua are very accommodating and quite open to releasing information required for the success of this course

3. Good record management

4. All the staff at TILAqua were very kind to explain all we asked them. All the sessions were interactive and a lot was learnt, especially that I intend to set up my own fish farm.

5. I will say thank you to the staff of TilAqua for opening their doors to receive and train us on Good hatchery management. I really enjoyed this part of the course

6. Good technology of producing fingerlings they can expand markets to African countries

7. It was super! Continue with what you are doing!

8. were very friendly with us and the TilAqua staff were very professional

9. For the members of TilAqua, they are so committed to their job and hospitable.

10. The use of RAS in Tilaqua is commendable. They should also focus on other species also.

11. Appreciated their kindness to share their technology unlike the feed company

12. They are very open and available. I really appreciated that openess. And it’s there I for the first time understood the hatching process and fingerlings production.

13. they were very helpful and very arranged

14. Has a good experience and also has the future of tilapia production. Excellent crew