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Silver strain (Oreochromis niloticus L.)

This broodstock (YY-male and Til-Aqua’s female line) is producing a fast growing Silver/Wildtype Natural Male Tilapia with a male ratio > 95%. This strain is ideal for harvest size over 800 gram for filleting or whole fish.

Since 2016 Til-Aqua is testing the performance of Natural Male Tilapia offspring that is originating from breeding Til-Aqua YY males with other commercially available female lines. This has given excellent results:

Til-Aqua NMT     – up to 99% ♂ – good growth – uniform

Egyptian NMT    – up to 97% ♂ – very uniform growth

Phillipine NMT   – up to 96% ♂ – very fast growth

Kenian NMT       – up to 96% ♂ – performing well in cold conditions

GIFT NMT          – up to 98% ♂ – good performance

Red strain (Oreochromis niloticus L.)

This unique Red strain (Til-Aqua Red YY-males and Stirling Red female line) is producing Red Natural Male Tilapia with an average male ratio of > 96%. This strain is ideal for harvest size of 350-500 gram (consumption size) for selling as whole fish. Performs very well in full seawater!