Til-Aqua International is always looking to help customers -both existing and new / without or with hormone sex-reverse- with developing their hatchery and nursery facilities to perform at the highest level possible. 

Til-Aqua International is experienced, not selfish.

  • Hatchery and Nursery management
    • Hatchery design and set-up
    • Performance analysis – improvement plans
    • Training and management support
    • Breeding programs for genetic improvement
    • Broodstock management
    • Spawning improvement
    • Incubation¬†
    • Swim-up fry – fingerling
      • Parasites control and treatment
      • Grading and culling
  • Veterinary Services
    • Sanitary and hygiene protocols
    • Fish health and disease prevention
    • Fish welfare
    • Training on fish diseases
    • Treatments