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You want to test your product for the booming Tilapia industry? We can offer you the solution in our Tilapia producing facility in The Netherlands from broodstock, spawning, incubation, fry, fingerlings, juveniles, on-growing….. We are Tilapia specialists and cover all stages in Tilapia farming.

Tilapia Industry is the fastest growing industry in the aquaculture sector; worldwide booming! Reaching now 6,000,000 metric tons.

Til-Aqua International is well known in the Tilapia industry as producer of Natural Male Tilapia (NMT™) without the use of hormones – the so-called YY-Technology. Since 1995 Til-Aqua is producing their special Broodstock and high performing Tilapia seed for the Tilapia industry. Til-Aqua is located in The Netherlands. 

Research activities have played a role within the development of Til-Aqua International for a long time. Therefore broad knowledge about tilapia and research is readily available and nowadays the facilities in Someren are well equipped. These facilities are opened up as Til-Aqua International is presenting itself as a reliable and confidential partner for conducting high quality research. The various possibilities and specific requests are to be discussed between Til-Aqua International and the customer. Our research facility is an integrated part of our production facility; research is executed in this “real world”.

Some examples:

  • Feed and feed additives
    • Growth, FCR, SGR, Protein efficiency, Uniformity
      • Fry, fingerlings, juveniles, on-growing
    • Reproduction effects
      • Spawning, egg quantity, egg quality/hatching, fry quality
    • Ethology
    • Immunity against parasites
    • Color enhancements (Til-Aqua Red)
    • Water quality

What we don’t do is working with live animals as feed. Also disease challenges we don’t do. Our vet will evaluate the studies on safety for our production.

Outsourcing as laboratory tests which cannot be done at our facility are outsourced to our reliable partners in Europe.