Genetically produced male tilapia is more resistant than other Tilapia strains (OiE, 2017)!

The immune system of the Natural Male Tilapia is in optimal condition in contrast to the hormone sex reversed fish (Haitham G. Abo-Al-Ela et All, 2017); their conclusions:

  1. MT greatly disrupted the immunity, apoptosis and detoxification systems.
  2. MT had a significant impact on these genes, and this impact varied from induction to repression during and after the MT treatment. 
  3. Immune alternation caused by MT is clearly reflected on the survivability.

The World Organization of Animal Health (OiE) is clear. See the Disease Card of the Tilapia Lake Virus (TiLV)!

TiLV Disease Card (English)

TiLV disease Card (Espagnol)

TiLV Disease Card (Français)