Press release

Til-Aqua International changes policy

Lessons learned from TiLV and COVID-19

Like many other companies, we are currently confronted with transport issues – limited available flights and closed borders – due to the Corona virus. The import restrictions that some countries have taken regarding the Tilapia Lake Virus had already severely limited our current operations.

As a result, we decided to change course drastically so as not to lose 25 years of genetic effort: we sell our genetics to interested parties. We believe that transferring our YY technology to countries for local YY production is the best option. These parties would own YY-males and YY-females and would receive the information on how to maintain these lines.

With these fish, they can produce their own YY-males; the broodstock that produces NMT offspring. These YY-males can be both used for the own NMT production and distributed to interested parties.

Download our information sheet here

Deadline of this offer: October 1st 2020.