Testing your product for the booming Tilapia industry?



Worldwide, the tilapia industry is the fastest growing industry in the aquaculture sector. An annual production of over 6,000,000 metric tons, clearly shows tilapia is a booming species. The rapid development of this industry is bringing new opportunities and threats which can be met by innovative products. Validating the effects of such a product provides better insight in its functioning as well as  increased reliability.

 Til-Aqua International is a well-known player in the tilapia industry, producing fry and broodstock for global distribution. Research activities have played a role within the development of the company for a long time. Therefore broad knowledge about tilapia, farming and research has become readily available.

Nowadays, Til-Aqua International is opening up its doors and is presenting itself as a reliable and confidential research partner!

The Til-Aqua International Research facilities in Someren are well equipped as tests can be performed under actual practical circumstances. All stages from spawning, incubation, hatchery and nursery can be covered. The various possibilities and specific requests are to be discussed between Til-Aqua International and the customer.

 Some examples of research to be carried out on request:

  • Feed, feed additives and comparative research Growth, FCR, SGR, Protein efficiency, Uniformity
  • Reproduction effects Spawning, fecundity, egg & fry quantity and quality, hatching percentage
  • Male-ratio
  • Ethology
  • Resistance against parasites
  • Colour enhancements (Til-Aqua Red)
  • Water quality

Stakeholders: feed companies, feed additives, water treatment, veterinary products, etc.

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