During an intensive training program Til-Aqua International is showing how to produce high quality fingerlings. Not only theoretical knowledge will be shared, but the different procedures will also be shown in practice. All information is covered through the Til-Aqua Factsheets which are detailed information sheets on all activities and processes occurring in a hatchery. At the start of the course the participants will receive a folder containing all these Factsheets which can serve afterwards as a reference book.

Training Factsheets overview download here

Location and duration

The training program can take place at the Til-Aqua International facilities in The Netherlands (Internship), but also at the customer’s site or at the facilities of a dedicated Til-Aqua International partner. Depending on the range of information that has to be covered in the Training Program, the duration of the training program can be divided into three modules:

2 days – Nursery course: basic handling of tilapia fingerlings

5 days – Hatchery-Nursery course: complete course from spawning till grow-out

10 days – Intensive Hatchery-Nursery course: complete course from spawning till grow-out with elaborate practice and discussion. Could also be split into Internship (5 days) and onsite training (5 days).